Apple raises prices across the board as online store reopens in Russia

Currency is unstable in Russia at the moment and last week Apple closed down its online store. It is now open again, but prices are significantly higher.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

As reported by CNET last week, Russia shut down its online store in Russia due to currency instability. 9to5Mac reports that the store has been reopened with major price increases in place.

The iPhone 6 is about 35 percent higher, now selling at approximately $995 (53,990 Rubles) for the 16GB base model. The 16GB iPhone 6 was previously priced at $737 (39,990 Rubles).

It's not just the iPhone 6 that had its price adjusted, most items have been increased to account for currency fluctuations. This includes iPhone, iMac, iPad, and MacBook computers.

Apple has also adjusted prices in the App Store due to the currency issues.

If you thought buying Apple products in the US was an expensive endeavor, buying them now in Russia is difficult to justify. Apple sold approximately 1.6 million iPhones in Russia in 2013, but at these prices it is likely to see a significant drop in sales.

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