Apple releases iOS 8.1.2

Apple has begun pushing iOS 8.1.2 update to iPhone and iPad users.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

iPhone and iPad users are finding that they have a new update to download and install. iOS 8.1.2 brings with it bug fixes (which are as yet undefined) and a fix for an issue where ringtones purchased through the iTunes Store were removed.

iOS 8.1.2 is the fifth update for iOS devices since iOS 8.0 was released two months ago. It's been a rocky road for Apple and there have been a number of obstacles in the way of people upgrading their iOS device. The first is that the OTA - Over The Air - download is many gigabytes, making it problematic for people with a slow internet connection.

Then there's the fact that the update requires a huge amount of free space to install, forcing users to delete apps and data. Depending on your hardware, you'll need between 4.7GB and 6.9GB of free storage space, and that's massive, especially for devices that started out with only 16GB of space in the beginning (minus what iOS takes when installed).

This problem can be overcome by doing the update through iTunes on a PC or Mac, but many users no longer connect their iDevice to a computer.

Then there was the iOS 8.0.1 update that wreaked havoc for new iPhone 6 Plus owners. This incident, albeit rather limited in scope, dented confidence in Apple being able to deliver problem-free updates.

Now more than two-thirds of all iOS devices are running iOS 8.0 or above.

The current update is around 25MB when downloaded OTA.

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