Apple reportedly preparing 5k external display with internal GPU

An often-correct Apple rumor mill says a new Thunderbolt display is incoming, and could help your small MacBook pump some intense graphics.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor
(Image: File photo)

Apple is preparing a new external 5k display that will feature a dedicated external GPU into the display itself, according to 9to5mac.

Stock of current Thunder Bolt displays is quickly diminishing and sources at the Apple rumor blog indicate it won't be replenished. It's about time Apple updates the $999, 27-inch display as it has been surpassed by the sharp quality of the new MacBook Pro and iMac.

While WWDC is said to be light on hardware, Apple may sneak an announcement in for the 5120x2280 pixel display -- for release in the fall. This would be a huge crowd pleaser, Daring Fireball's John Gruber writes.

The dedicated GPU is for compatibility across the Mac lineup, sources explain to 9to5mac, and to help thin MacBooks, with less powerful graphic processors, push 5k resolution externally.

The Thunderbolt Display has gone without an update since July of 2011, so a new design more akin to the iMac and updated USB-C connection are possibilities.

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