Apple to open iOS app accelerator in Bengaluru

Bengaluru developers have welcomed Apple's announcement that it will create an app design and development accelerator in the city.
Written by V L Srinivasan, Contributor

Local iOS developers and companies based in Bengaluru, the IT capital of India, erupted in joy over Apple's announcement to open a design and development accelerator in the city, which is exected to start early next year.

The announcement coincided with the maiden visit of Apple CEO Tim Cook to India, who arrived in the country on Tuesday night. He is expected to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and attend other programs including opening an offshore technology development centre in Hyderabad in the next three to four days.

The new facility at Bengaluru, the home of India's startup scene, is slated to help thousands of developers in India make apps for iOS by providing specialised support for them.

While there was no mention about the investment to be made on this new facility, industry watchers believe it could be between $5-10 million. The upcoming facility at Hyderabad will cost around $25 million.

In a statement, Apple CEO Tim Cook described India as home to one of the most vibrant and entrepreneurial iOS development communities in the world.

"With the opening of this new facility in Bengaluru, we are giving developers access to tools which will help them create innovative apps for customers around the world," Cook added.

The statement also said that each week, Apple experts will lead briefings and provide one-on-one app reviews for developers. The facility will also provide support and guidance on Swift.

Welcoming the announcement, Bengaluru-based GoodWork Labs CEO & co-founder Vishwas Mudagal told ZDNet that the facility was long overdue and would definitely help the Indian app developers increase their maturity on both counts, in terms of creating the right kind of technology and also user experience and design.

"We are already working with Apple and it's really amazing news for the iOS developer community in this part of India," he said.

"Apple's investment in Bengaluru through its new iOS development accelerator will have far-reaching effects on the area's rapidly growing and highly talented developer community," said Nasscom President R Chandrashekhar.

"The skills and training these iOS developers gain through this effort will significantly improve their app design and help them reach a broader market. Initiatives like these move the country forward in our efforts to advance a growth-led and sustainable technology sector," Chandrashekhar added.

Gokul Sengottuvelu, who is the organiser of iOS developers Group in Bengaluru, was elated about the announcement.

"This was push the city needed now as it is home to India's largest iOS community today and we are excited," he said.

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