Apple Watch 2: What it needs to stay ahead of the competition

If the Apple Watch is on a yearly upgrade cycle then we should be seeing an updated version sometime in April. But what might this update bring? And more importantly, what does it need to stay ahead of the competition.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

The Apple Watch is eight months old, and while that might seem like just a blink of an eye to you and me, it's an eternity in the tech world. With the original Apple Watch now getting long in the tooth, it's likely that Apple has an updated version in the pipeline.

But what might this update bring? Officially we know nothing, but that doesn't stop us from making a few educated guesses. And with a new product such as the Apple Watch, it's far easier to make educated guesses because we can just look for gaps in what the product can do, and fill them.

  • Front-facing camera: Everything needs a camera these days, and a front-facing camera on the Apple Watch would allow it to be used for FaceTime video calls.
  • Faster processor: While the Apple Watch can't be described as sluggish, it could do with more pep. At times it feels like the animations and such are there purely to cover up a slow processor.
  • Waterproof: For me, a watch being waterproof is a must. Especially for something marketed as a fitness device.
  • Better battery life: Who doesn't want better battery life? Especially when the current battery needs a daily recharge.
  • GPS: The current Apple Watch doesn't have built-in GPS functionality, instead relying on the iPhone. Adding a GPS chipset would benefit those who use the device for fitness tracking.
  • Thinner: The current Apple Watch is a bit thick to wear under shirts cuffs. Since Apple has a habit of making its products thinner, this seems like a safe bet.
  • Larger case: If you have big wrists then even the larger of the two Apple Watches looks comically small. A larger 45mm+ design would suit these folks, and bring with it a bigger screen and battery.
  • Solar charging: This is a nice feature present on many digital watches. It wouldn't replace having to use a charger, just help top up the battery when out and about.

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