Apple's going to put a notch on your MacBook? Is nothing sacred?

A new patent suggests Face ID is coming to Macs. And with it, an iPhone-style notch.
Written by Chris Matyszczyk, Contributing Writer
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Now you can't see it, soon you will.

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It was the hideous sacrilege that launched a thousand screams of horror.

There was a rending of garments -- especially black, designer garments.

When the notch came to the iPhone X, it was as if Apple was spitting at its own customers. Elegant, minimal design was dead. Crass utilitarianism had won.

Then again, Apple itself seemed embarrassed about it. It hid the notch in ads, so much so that someone sued Cupertino for the alleged deception.

Soon, though, Android manufacturers began to copy it. The notch became a thing. It was almost a branding device. And soon you might find it on top of your MacBook screen.

A new patent, spotted by Apple Insider, shows a notch perched proudly on the top of a MacBook. The patent, blessed with the glorious title "Light Recognition Module For Determining A User Of A Computing Device," appears to be a simple transposition of the iPhone notch to the laptop.


So fetching.

US Patent Office

Naturally, you've been begging for Face ID on your MacBook since you first saw it on a phone.

It's amazing how often it works. And how often it doesn't. On my iPhone XR, I'd say it has perhaps a 75% success rate.

And won't it be so convenient to angle your MacBook screen just-so, in order for your machine to recognize you? After all, that's what I have to do with my iPhone.

I know this is just a patent and it may not happen yet. Still, won't you be delighted that Apple is, yet again, thinking about your privacy and security, so that you can be at one and at peace with your machine?

In the patent, Cupertino makes clear that this is all about preventing unauthorized users from accessing your sensitive data. Finally, you might be able to keep your kids away from your sensitive Ashley Madison profile.

Because you're very design-sensitive -- well, why else have a Mac? -- you'll be wondering whether the notch will follow the iPhone design or perhaps be a little more daring in style.

Many possibilities are mooted in this patent. Who knows, perhaps Apple will give you a choice. For an extra $200, elliptical. For an extra $300, rhomboid.

Remember, Apple is expert at making money out of your delicate sensibilities.

Then again, how pained might you be if you buy a MacBook with a notch and then the next iPhone emerges, notch-free?

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