Apple's tvOS apps struggle with retention

Analytics firm adjust found that engagement with Apple TV apps are decidedly lower than their iPhone and iPad counterparts.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor
Source: Adjust

Apple's tvOS apps are struggling to retain users beyond the initial download, according to a survey by mobile app analytics company adjust.

Adjust's data is based on 299,925 users, but 2 percent were active on an Apple TV devices. In a nutshell, 8.9 percent of users return to a tvOS app seven days after install it. For comparison, 20 percent of tablet users return to apps and 18.5 percent of smartphone users come back. The data was released ahead of Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference next week.

The return usage stats get worse after 30 days. Adjust found that a developer retains 4.1 percent of acquired users on tvOS.

Apple's retention stats are worth noting given that tvOS is on pillar in the company's effort to grab more share in smart homes and the living room. Engagement on the iPad and iPhone is simply better.

The big question is whether Apple can boost the engagement stats with tvOS. For starters, apps on the iPad and iPhone don't easily port to a larger screen. In addition, the engagement behavior may be different on a TV. For instance, TV viewing is by nature a passive endeavour.

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