Are you Angry with Angry Birds?

Watch Rovio Mobile's walkthrough videos to get you through just about any level
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

When I first heard of Angry Birds I wasn't a fan. It just didn't sound that interesting to me. That all changed when I finally played it, though. Many hours later and I was completely addicted. All was well until I got stuck on a level--that's when I got angry. Of course, many friends offered to get me past the level, but it just didn't feel like the right thing to do.

So, what did I do to get over it? I googled and that's where I found Rovio Mobile's "walkthrough" videos. I put walkthrough in quotes because it's more of a cheat sheet for how to get past just about any level on Angry Birds. Needless to say, a few moments later and I left that level in the dust.

Below is a teaser showing just one of the many videos that you can find on Rovio Mobile's YouTube channel.

By the way, if you're addicted to the original Angry Birds, pick up the new Angry Birds Seasons. It's currently featuring Halloween and Christmas, with more to come.

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