Armored Info releases community platform to safeguard artists intellectual property

Armored Info has released a new platform to prevent pre-commercial release piracy and copyright theft in all aspects of digital media to prevent creators losing money due to pre-release theft.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

We hear of film studio hacks, leaked scripts, and DVD quality movies made available to download before release. Hackers pirate or obtain advance copies of unfinished material.

Independent creative contractors or freelance producers and songwriters who send their work to an outside party have no way to see where their content ends up.

This process is really susceptible to intellectual property theft.

Texas-based active cyber defence company Armored Info (AI) has released a new online platform offering for content creators and media enthusiasts.

It will enable creators to collaborate in a secure and productive environment.

Creative artists with interests in music, video, photography, and design will be able to collaborate without fear that their work will be stolen or intercepted in the production process.

Any one who is involved with the creative process of a project will be able to keep all members of a creative team involved.

The service will enable the artists in the studio, the management team in LA, and anyone in between to collaborate securely.

There are many independent parties involved during the creation of a project.

The solution is a single secure - cloud platform - to manage an artist's entire media workflow from production to final release.

The offering includes secure storage, collaboration, and distribution. Creators can work in a controlled environment and can administer varying levels of access to individuals and groups.

The platform incorporates industry specific tools designed to meet the needs of content creators.

The platform is accessed through the web browser to enable mobility across the creative community. If the user has an Internet enabled device, the platform can be accessed.

The platform consists of "The Vault" where files are securely stored and collaboration between parties is handled.

The "AI Marketplace" is where content creators can post their work for promotional use or monetary gain. Content creators are looking for a direct connection to their consumers.

Creators want to know who is viewing and purchasing their work, so that they can target these individuals directly.

Music and video is posted to one location on the platform. Users can see who is buying their work by viewing analytical data. They can reach out to their most loyal followers if they want to. The creative community will have one place to handle their entire workflow safely.

'Fileprint' Technology tracks all file movement such as who received the file, what they did with it, where they sent it, and when. The file has a digital "fingerprint" in the file.

When users send a file outside the platform it is still possible to keep the content secure. Using personalized web pages the content creator can control access and add password permissions or an expiration date if they choose.

If something looks shady during the process, users can instantly make the file inaccessible to everyone.

Armor's closed-loop system blocks more than 250 million attacks against clients each month and delivers threat actor dwell times less than two days. According to the company this is 100 times shorter than the industry average.

AI is certainly worth a look if you are planning the next big thing in media and want to make certain that it is safe and secure all the way down the line.

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