Egress Switch Secure Workspace enables encrypted collaboration for extra security

Egress aims to extend information sharing beyond organisational boundaries, creating secure shared collaboration environments keeping security and encryption at front of mind.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Organisations want to collaborate effectively in real-time and protect sensitive customer data. Collaboration has its place firmly in the workplace, with security as a prime consideration.

Organisations need to be able to securely share all forms of electronic information - whether via email, online collaboration or file transfer.

London, UK based Egress Software Technologies, provides hosted and on-premise encryption services to secure electronic information to customers via its Egress Switch platform.

Its ESG CPA Foundation Grade certified email encryption product, Switch Secure Email enables customers to share sensitive information over the internet, without the need to manage external third party credentials.

The platform utilises a community-based licensing model known as 'the Egress Trust Network'. The network consists of paying and free Switch subscribers, who are able to share information securely with one another using a single global identity.

Its latest offering, Egress Switch Secure Workspace features real-time online document editing within an encrypted environment.

The solution protects sensitive information while enabling teams to work together on files and projects. Users do not need to download documents or restrict editing to individuals at a time.

Documents can be edited by multiple users simultaneously or by individuals.

Changes are tracked changes and version control is logged. Document formatting is maintained when files are both uploaded to and downloaded from a workspace

Users can be prevented from downloading content to their local machines. This means that all editing can only take place within the secure community. All changes and document edits are recorded in audit logs.

In addition to online editing, Switch Secure Workspace also offers users chat and commenting functionality.

The tool features "robust information security measures". Encryption key management controls who can work on documents and what they can do with them, such as downloading and printing.

The Switch Secure Workspace is free for organisations' third parties to use.

This is intended to reduce cost overheads and ensuring that appropriate levels of security and control are applied to sensitive data throughout the lifecycle of shared information.

Egress COO Neil Larkins said "Both public and commercial organisations are increasingly looking to strengthen their information security practices, without impacting flexibility or efficiency.

Switch Secure Workspace enables organisations around the globe to work together while ensuring sensitive customer and corporate data is protected."

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