Aryaka releases slate of SD-WAN and SASE products

Both Aryaka SmartConnect EZ and SmartConnect Pro will be available in the first quarter of 2022, while Prime EZ will be available for Beta deployments by January 2022.
Written by Jonathan Greig, Contributor

SD-WAN company Aryaka announced a slate of new products and services on Tuesday to help enterprises as they move to cloud-centric work models.   

The company's new global L3 private core is designed to complement the global L2 private core, and Aryaka also debuted the FlexCore and AppAssure products. The tools help customers map their sites to their private core of choice and provide "deep deterministic visibility, observability, and control." Both FlexCore and AppAssure are now available and free for current Aryaka customers.

Aryaka additionally announced the release of Aryaka Prime EZ, Aryaka SmartConnect Pro, and Aryaka SmartConnect EZ. 

Shashi Kiran, CMO at Aryaka, told ZDNet that SmartConnect EZ is a new SD-WAN offering based off the L3 private core, which is tailored for small to medium enterprises or for sites that require capabilities equating to those offered by an enhanced internet-class network. 

Kiran said the SmartConnect Pro is tailored for a high degree of application performance and added that Prime EZ is a new offering that integrates the company's Secucloud acquisition, delivering a converged and managed SASE offering. Prime EZ comes with secure web gateway, firewall as-a-service, and web filtering capabilities. 

"This is probably the industry's first truly integrated and managed SASE offering with the technology, global network, and managed services coming in from the same entity," Kiran said. 

"The beauty of it is that a customer can seamlessly engage with SmartConnect EZ and move to the Pro or Prime EZ flavors with no disruption to AppAssure; this brings deep visibility and control for over 3,500 out-of-the-box applications."

The company will be offering the new tools with what it calls T-shirt-sized pricing frameworks that allow it to standardize the most requested tiers of service. 

"We believe these innovations will offer customers maximum architectural flexibility for both SD-WAN and SASE deployments," Kiran said. "Combined with Aryaka's managed services offering, they represent a graceful, non-disruptive way for customers to evolve their network, security, and cloud service as they accommodate the shifts in workloads moving to the cloud, a hybrid workforce, and expectations for a consumption friendly delivery model."

Both SmartConnect EZ and SmartConnect Pro will be available at some point in the first quarter of 2022, while Prime EZ will be available for certain Beta deployments by January 2022. AppAssure will be available for all customers by January 2022. 

Kiran said the goal of these releases is to help customers attempting to accelerate their digital transformation and cloud journeys. Companies are looking for cloud-first WAN and security solutions delivered as a service, Kiran explained, noting that the company began seeing interest in SD-WAN and SASE offerings during the pandemic. 

"We're introducing new capabilities into our global private core that allows us to address different types of application requirements, service requirements, [and] SLAs for different enterprise segments and at different cost points all with the same architecture," Kiran said. 

"We're offering innovations across both SD-WAN and SASE offerings with perhaps the industry's most integrated technology and managed services architecture. That radically simplifies the deployment and makes it easier to manage change, while converging network and security."

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