Asus to build 3 more cloud data centers by 2013

Taiwanese PC maker says the new facilities will bump its datacenter count to six worldwide, and will provide customers better cloud services even as demand for such services grow.
Written by Jamie Yap, Contributor

Asus is planning to build three more data centers worldwide by early 2013 to meet increasing demand for cloud services from users.

In a report by Central News Agency (CNA) Friday, Andy Huang, a director at Asus Cloud, said the company's current three data centers in Taipei, Taiwan, Shanghai, China, and Los Angeles, U.S.A., provide cloud services to 10 million users worldwide. Asus Cloud is a subsidiary of Asus established in 2008.

Over the last two years, both the number of users and data stored on its cloud services have increased substantially. By having more data centers, the PC maker can provide better cloud services to meet growing user demand, he explained.

Huang said Asus will add the new data centers in northern China, eastern United States, and Europe. Negotiations are underway, and possible locations in consideration are Chinese cities Tianjin, Harbin and Chongqing, Boston in the U.S., and Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Ireland in Europe, he added.

The director also said Asus' cloud business may break even by the end of this year, and expects strong revenue growth over the next two to three years. Asus Cloud is currently working with six local universities in Taiwan to develop various cloud services for commercialization in Asia-Pacific, he added.

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