Atlassian rolls out series of platform updates, announces Good Software acquisition

The company says it added 15 new features to its collaboration software Confluence.

Collaboration software: Time to call BS Collaboration software sounds great in theory, but like the open floor plan in offices there are downsides. The noise can be a bit ridiculous. Tools like Slack--and things like Yammer and a graveyard of other tools--were supposed to end email. Instead, email is still favored by workers to get real work done. Why? Enterprise social networking is too noisy. How many times have we wanted to yell into one of our 100 Slack channels so people will stay on point. It's a chat fest that can hurt productivity. Now it looks like vendors may be getting more of a clue. Atlassian launched software called Stride that has a focus button and tools that can turn conversations into workflows with integrated video and voice meetings on the fly. Perhaps the biggest perk is the focus button. Collaboration needs an offramp and let's face it you can spend more time collaborating instead of getting work done. There needs to be more of this. Whether it's Facebook@Work, which is basically a version of Facebook for the enterprise, Microsoft Teams or some other package collaboration has forgotten about the work and productivity part of the equation. Sometimes you need to duck your head and plow through a few tasks.

Collaboration and productivity software firm Atlassian on Wednesday announced a bevy of new features across its product portfolio. The updates include new incident management capabilities and integrations across the Atlassian platform, a revamped user experience and 15 new features for Confluence, and performance and infrastructure enhancements to the company's self-managed enterprise offering. The company also announced today that it's acquired Good Software, makers of an analytics tool for Confluence users and admins. 

First up, Atlassian added new features stemming from its September acquisition of Opsgenie that aim to improve the way organizations operate always-on services for their customers. This includes a new incident timeline to track response activities and key events, and an Actions feature that automatically triggers predictable, repetitive tasks on third-party platforms such as AWS directly from the Opsgenie console or mobile app. Opsgenie is also getting a new user interface that's more in line with other Atlassian products, as well as edge encryption via private encryption keys. 

The Confluence updates are focused on improving the way teams create and share content. New features for content organization include improved navigation, more accurate search, people and team profiles, and drag n' drop functionality. Confluence is also gaining new analytics capabilities via Atlassian's purchase of Good Software, which is best known as the maker of Analytics for Confluence, a popular third-party add-on that lets teams know how others within the team are engaging with content. The analytics feature also lets admins know how Confluence is being used. 

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As for Atlassian's self-managed Atlassian Data Center service, the company is getting a slew of new features such as smart mirror farms for Bitbucket Data Center; content delivery network support for Jira Software, Confluence, Bitbucket and Jira Service Desk Data Center; rate limiting; issue archiving; new and improved Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure templates; and new mobile apps for Jira Server and Data Center.

Atlassian also announced that it's doubled its Amazon Web Services regions around the world and increased its cloud user limit to 5,000. The company is also rolling out encryption at rest for Atlassian Cloud customers, and a new cloud migration center with assistants for Jira Software Cloud and Confluence Cloud.

Finally, Atlassian revealed that AgileCraft, the company's software that aims to help enterprises scale agile teamwork across a company, has been rebranded as Jira Align. Atlassian acquired AgileCraft last month for $166 million.

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