AUKEY Multiport USB-C adapter and 5W wireless charger hands-on: Reasonably priced accessories to enhance your mobile experience

Mobile devices today often employ minimal ports for wired connections so it's great to see AUKEY provide high quality, attractive options at reasonable prices.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Devices today come with minimal ports for connecting peripherals. Many smartphones today have the ability to charge wirelessly, even including Apple's latest iPhones. AUKEY sent along a couple of products to help me with both of these functions and I even have them connected for a complete experience.

AUKEY Multiport USB-C adapter (CB-C55)

One reason I chose to stick with a Google Pixelbook instead of an Apple iPad Pro was the ability to easily connect an external monitor for a dual-screen setup. A couple of years ago I started using two displays for work and there is no way I can go back to a single display and maintain my same level of productivity.

I love the Google Pixelbook and use it as my primary home office computer, but it just has two USB-C ports and no storage card slots. The AUKEY Multiport USB-C adapter provides two USB-A 3.0 ports, a USB-C male cable, an HDMI port, a VGA port, an ethernet port, a Secure Digital (SD) card slot, and a microSD card slot in a single compact package.


Power is supplied to the USB hub via a USB-C port on one end. Below this port is a six inch cable with a male USB-C end that can be used to power the device it is connected to. I have the multiport hub connected to its power source and then the six inch cable plugged into my Pixelbook in order to keep my Pixelbook powerd up.

On the opposite side of the hub you will find VGA and HDMI ports. I connect my Dell touchscreen monitor via HDMI and on the other side I have the USB cable that is part of the monitor in order to extend the touchscreen capability from my Pixelbook to the Dell touchscreen monitor. The HDMI port supports up to 4K resolution too. The other USB-A port is used to provide power to the AUKEY 5W wireless charger, discussed below.

My digital camera uses SD cards and many of my phones still have support for microSD. I previously purchased a USB-C external card adapter for my Pixelbook, but can put that away now since this new AUKEY multiport hub has two card slots built into it. It is great to simply insert a storage card in the hub and have the contents appear in my file manager. Only one external card slot can be used at a time.

There is also an ethernet port in this hub, but so far I have not had a chance to test that out. It may come in handy at tech events where the wireless networks are often overloaded and ethernet is the best way to obtain a reliable signal.

This AUKEY multiport USB hub is available on Amazon in gray and space gray for about $65. It is an excellent accessory for all of these new computers that are limited to USB-C ports. It is exactly what I have been looking for in order to keep the Pixelbook as my primary computer.

Image: AUKEY

AUKEY 5W Graphite Wireless Charger (LC-C5)

One reason I continue to use the Apple iPhone X is the wireless charging functionality. Several years ago wireless charging came to Android and Windows Phone devices and I was hooked. The convenience of simply setting my phone down on a wireless charging pad without having to connect any cables is tough to beat.

Since I've been using wireless charging for so long, I have different pads positioned all over my house and office. However, the best looking and functioning pads so far may be the new AUKEY 5W graphite charging pad. It is available now on Amazon for $34.

One of the more important aspects of a wireless charging pad is the ability for your phone to rest on the pad without sliding off. The entire top of this AUKEY charger has a soft-touch matte finish so even your new slick glass phone will not slide off. This surface also prevents the back of your phone from scratching.

Another nice feature of this charging pad is the super low profile. It is less than half an inch thick so looks great sitting on a table or desktop. The edges and back are composed of a zinc alloy with four rubber feet to keep it from scratching the top of your desk or table.

Samsung smartphones support fast wireless charging up to 15W so you won't get the full fast speeds that you can find on specific Samsung chargers. However, wireless charging is more about the convenience than the speeds and for such a small compact charging I am willing to sacrifice some speed.

There is a small LED indicator light on the front that informs you of the charging status. I've tested this charging with several phones and also with those phones in cases. AUKEY states that wireless charging will work through cases up to three mm thick and my testing confirmed all cases I have work with this charger.

The charger is powered by a USB-C cable that is included in the box. There is no AC adapter, but I simply have it plugged into one of the USB-A ports on the AUKEY multiport hub.


Some of the Samsung chargers I have used are a bit annoying on a bedside night stand because they have fans to dissipate heat. There is no fan on the AUKEY charger so it is ideal for bedside use.

The AUKEY graphite wireless charging pad is the slimmest Qi charging pad I have ever seen and it is perfect for using with your compatible phones.

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