Australian commission probes Windows 8 Linux fears

Linux Australia members who are concerned the secure boot on Windows 8 could prevent the installation of Linux may have a case, according to the Australian Competition Commission
Written by Luke Hopewell, Contributor

Linux Australia members who have complained about Microsoft's plans to enable a secure booting feature on Windows 8 machines may have a case, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has said.

The Linux Australia community began petitioning the competition commission this week after Microsoft aired plans to mandate the enabling of Unified Extensible Firmware Interface's (UEFI) secure boot feature for devices bearing the 'Designed for Windows 8' logo. This has raised fears that users could find it impossible to install alternative operating systems like Linux, or even older versions of Windows.

In an email response to Linux Australia members who railed against the idea, the ACCC has hinted that the angry open-source enthusiasts may have a case. "The situation you described may raise issues of exclusive dealing, but it is unclear from the details provided whether it would be likely to meet the competition test described," it said.

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