AWS adds hourly billing to WorkSpaces virtual desktop service

The move is aimed to appeal to part-time workers and folks who don't need desktop access all the time.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Amazon Web Services said it will offer hourly billing to its WorkSpaces cloud service in a move that's aimed at companies with part-time employees, job sharing, and temp workers.

Under the changes, AWS customers can pay for WorkSpaces by the hour and get 80 GB of root volume.

WorkSpaces is AWS' virtual desktop effort designed to support multiple devices. It is geared to play well with companies eyeing virtual desktop services. WorkSpaces have Microsoft Office, Trend Micro, and utilities bundled together as well as browsers.

On the by the hour front, companies can use the always on mode, which is covered under monthly billing. An auto stop feature is new. The billing rates kick in when someone logs in and stops when logged out or disconnected.

The disconnection time is predetermined based on a 1 hour to 48 hour window. A WorkSpaces admin can also stop a WorkSpaces. When you connect next, the WorkSpaces will pick up with open documents and running programs.

AWS's root volume changes mean more applications and storage can be used. Here's a look at the pricing options.

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