AWS intros new EventBridge, CDK services as CTO Vogels urges customers to 'encrypt everything'

At the AWS Summit Thursday, Vogels talked new developer tools, customer case studies and the importance of security across enterprise IT infrastructure.
Written by Natalie Gagliordi, Contributor

Amazon Web Services held one of its Summit conferences in New York on Thursday where CTO Werner Vogels talked developer tools, containers and the importance of security across enterprise IT infrastructure. 

Vogels -- who's keynote was initially interrupted by strategically placed protesters decrying Amazon's work with the US government and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) -- donned a t-shirt with the message "Encrypt Everything" across the front. He eventually elaborated on the message, urging businesses to think of security as a company-wide responsibility. 

"Since 2018, 15,000 data breaches have been recorded," Vogels said. "As technologists, we need to take responsibility for this. Security needs to become everyone's job, not just that of the security team. If you do no integrate security from day one, then you put your business and customers at risk."

"There's always an idiot that clicks that link," Vogels said of phishing email, adding "Dance like no one is watching! Encrypt like everyone is!"

On to the product announcements, Vogels announced the general availability of Amazon EventBridge and the AWS Cloud Developer Kit or CDK.

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Amazon EventBridge is a serverless event bus for ingesting and processing data across AWS services and SaaS applications. With EventBridge, business applications can participate in event-driven architectures semi-natively. 

The CDK is a tool that lets customers model and provision code in programming languages like Python and Typescript. Vogels also announced Amazon Sagemaker's new Managed Spot Training service to optimize the cost of training machine learning models using Amazon EC2 spot instances.

On the customer front, Andy Fang, the CTO of DoorDash, took the keynote stage at one point to talk about how AWS helped the company improve scalability, reliability, and innovation. AWS also trotted out Justin Fox from NuData Security to share how the company used AWS SageMaker to develop machine learning models to combat fraud and the account takeover problem.

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