AWS misfires once more, just days after a massive failure

Amazon Web Services had trouble again this morning.
Written by Steven Vaughan-Nichols, Senior Contributing Editor

At approximately 10:26 AM US Eastern time, Amazon Web Services (AWS) started having serious network problems. According to reports on the Outages mailing list, the central mailing list for ISP and network operators to report and track major internet problems, AWS-hosted services started to go "wonky" this morning

Numerous AWS-based business services, such as Duo, the two-factor authentication endpoint security service; Zoom, the video-conferencing platform; and Slack, the messaging service, were affected. Entertainment services, including Hulu, Xbox Live, and Halo, also went down. DownDetector also showed AWS having a failure surge this morning. 

Since then AWS reported that the problem was with internet connectivity in the US-West-1 and 2 Regions. "We have resolved the issue affecting Internet connectivity to the US-WEST-1 Region. Connectivity within the region was not affected by this event. The issue has been resolved and the service is operating normally."

Outage administrators are still reporting that "it looks to have stabilized somewhat but still seeing some unusual errors." 

Hang in there, folks. It looks like the AWS trouble isn't done messing us over yet. 

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