Bad things can happen if you don't listen to Vinnie

Well, it's not that bad things can happen. It's just that good things might not happen.
Written by David Berlind, Inactive

Well, it's not that bad things can happen. It's just that good things might not happen.  In his Scott Adams moment about the six elements of an attactive blog, Vinnie "the deal architect" Mirchandani writes "I thought it would be fun to outline 6 elements on what the average Dilbert - either a corporate user or vendor of technology  -  finds attractive in blogs:"

  • The WIIFM factor: "What's in it for me?"  [DB's Note: a WTF derivation of WIIFM works too]
  • "Aha" Value: Bloggers beating mainstream media to the punch.
  • Name dropping: Who ya rubbin' shoulders with today?
  • Different Worlds: Postcards from the edge are more interesting.
  • Community voice: ZDNet's Talkback and AlwaysOn cited as the shining examples. 
  • Irreverance: The Nick and Dave Show (might make a good podcast).

Wise guy. That Vinnie.

True story: Back in the 80's, I had a summer job driving a forklift in a union shop on Long Island and this Cadillac pulls up to the warehouse entrance and a well-dressed guy name Vinnie climbs out of the back seat.  The driver hops out too.  I never got his name.  But he was about 7 feet (tall and wide) and stood there staring at me from behind his aviator glasses never mentioning a word.  Apparently, one of the other union members at the warehouse complained that I wasn't joining the union.  There was no discount to the annual dues for summer employees. Personally,  the ROI seemed questionable: One fourth my summer pay for benefits that I'd never use.  So, the well-dressed guy comes up to me and says in a fairly thick old country accent:

Vinnie: I'm looookin' faw David Buh-linnn.
Me: That's me, how can I help you.
Vinnie: I'm Vinnie.  From duh White Plains awffice of duh union.
Me: Hi Vinnie.  What can I do for you.
Vinnie: Well, I hurrrd.. and I understand that I could have this wrong....that you don-wanna-join duh union.
Me: That's right.  It's a summer job.  I can't possibly take advantage of the benefits of union membership in such a short period of time.
Vinnie: David. David. David.  Bad dings can happen if you don't join the union (nods to 7x7 guy, who hasn't moved one muscle since getting out of the car).
Me: Do you take a check?

Wiseguy.  That Vinnie. 

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