BeReal is getting four new features, and one is going to make your post that much realer

As if posting an impromptu picture wasn't authentic enough, now you can post the whole moment, too.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
BeReal app on an iPhone
Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto/Getty Images

BeReal has gained significant popularity since its launch because of its refreshing, authentic approach to social media, even winning the iPhone App of the Year in 2022. Now, the app is adding some highly anticipated features, including one that will make each post even more real. 

On Tuesday, BeReal announced four new features you can start using either this week or next: Behind the Scenes (BTS), Tagging, RealGroups, and Your 2023 Recap. 

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The BTS feature will capture the seconds before a BeReal photo is taken and create a video that plays on your friends' timelines when they longpress on the picture you posted, the same way a live photo works. 

This feature will give people a glimpse into the moment the photo was taken, building on the authenticity of the post. BeReal says BTS is one of the most community requested features. 

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If you don't want to share additional elements of your daily life, you can shut off the BTS feature in the app. The feature is already available on IOS and will be available on Android next week. 

The RealGroups feature puts a twist on traditional group chats and allows users to create private groups, where people can share private chats and BeReals between members, and even set specially timed BeReal notifications for the group. 

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The catch is users will only have access to two RealGroups, so you'll have to be selective about which one you choose to join or create. This feature will be available next week for all users. 

BeReal is also introducing a Tagging feature that does exactly what is says -- it allows users to tag friends in posts. If tagged, you can repost and share the content with your friends, too. 

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Lastly, adding to the end-of-the-year wrap-up frenzy, BeReal is adding its own 2023 Recap. This year's Recap has been tweaked from prior versions to make it "even better", according to the company. The 2023 Recap will be available next week. 

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