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Best back to school deals 2021: Top deals on Amazon

Get the latest and greatest deals for back to school on Amazon, including everything from new computers to the electronics you need to outfit a dorm room.

When the back-to-school time rolls around, it brings excitement but also stress over outfitting your student with everything they need to be ready for the school year. Gone are the days of only needing crayons, notebooks, and folders -- now students thrive with laptops, smartwatches, and everything in between. Fortunately, there are plenty of back-to-school deals to be had, especially on Amazon. Though you can still find sales on crayons, notebooks, and folders, you can also find discounts on all the tech a student might need. 

Ahead, find the best selection of back-to-school deals on Amazon for high school and college students. Products come in a range of price points so you can decide what suits your budget and get inspired to sift through Amazon for even more deals.

ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 2-In-1 (was $570)

Best multipurpose laptop



  • Available in 4 GB or 8 GB
  • 1920x1080 4-way NanoEdge display
  • Intel Core m3-8100Y Processor
  • 14" touch screen
  • 2 USB Type-C (Gen 1) and 1 Type-A (Gen 1) ports
  • Backlit keyboard

The ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 2-In-1 Laptop has a full touch screen and a versatile design that easily goes from a laptop to a tablet. Available in 4GB or 8GB, this Google Chromebook is suitable for students of all ages and makes it easy to take notes in class and bring them home at the end of the day. 

It's lightweight enough to slip into a backpack and has a 14" screen. Students can even prop it up as a tablet on their desks for a different experience.


  • Lightweight, so it's easy to carry around
  • The sleek design also makes it compact


  • Flippable laptop hinges can weaken over time
  • It's so light that it's a bit delicate

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K (was $50)

Best simple streaming device



  • 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, HDR, and HDR10+ streaming
  • Audio with Dolby Atmos
  • Voice-controlled remote
  • Access to prime streaming apps as well as live TV
  • 8 GB storage
  • Quad-core processor
  • Dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi

Make just about any TV into a smart TV with an Amazon Fire TV Stick. This device is budget-friendly and provides access to all your favorite streaming apps, like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, Apple TV+, and so much more. 

This device is also voice-activated so that you can use it with Alexa.


  • Smart TV experience without a smart TV price
  • Small enough device to hide behind a TV


  • The menu is a bit full with Amazon promo
  • No Google Play apps available

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro (was $200)

Best grab-and-go headphones



  • 11-mm woofer and 6.5-mm tweeter
  • Wireless charging case included
  • Touch-enabled to control music and take calls
  • Noise-cancelling capabilities
  • Available in black, silver, and violet
  • Water-resistant

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are small enough to keep in a pocket but powerful enough to block noise. These noise-cancelling earbuds will pump high-quality sound into your ears while paired with your Bluetooth device. Plus, they're water-resistant and available in three different colors. 

They're perfect for wearing on the bus on the way to and from school or for strolling around campus.


  • Water-resistant works well
  • Convenient wireless charging


  • Touch controls are easy to trigger when you don't want to
  • Some features only work with Samsung devices

SAMSUNG T7 Portable SSD (was $100)

Best solid state drive



  • Available in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB
  • Available in blue, gray, and red
  • Reads up to 1,050MB/s / Writes up to 1000MB/s on USB 3.2 gen 2 supported devices
  • Shock-resistant up to 6 feet
  • Password protected
  • Heat control

Having an external hard drive or solid-state drive is crucial for students. This is the place to store everything. Not only will it keep your computer from getting too gunked up with files, but it provides a backup for everything in case of emergency. 

The Samsung T7 Portable SSD functions faster than a standard external hard drive comes in three colors and is available in three storage sizes.


  • Runs incredibly fast
  • Compatible with Type A and Type C USB 


  • It doesn't include fingerprint protection

DOSS SoundBox Touch Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (was $35)

Best affordable Bluetooth speaker



  • Available in 11 colors
  • 12W full-bodied stereo
  • Water-resistant
  • Touch control
  • Built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery powers up to 20 hours of play at 50% volume

A Bluetooth speaker is always handy in a dorm room or to grab and go when out with friends. Because a Bluetooth speaker can get jostled around and used pretty heavily, having one that doesn't cost a lot makes it a little more acceptable to be hard on it. 

This DOSS SoundBox has an affordable price tag but still provides high-quality sound. Plus, it comes in a wide range of colors to suit any taste.


  • 360-degree sound
  • Budget-friendly


  • Touch controls can be easy to miss and take a beating if not cared for

Sunany Flash Drive (was $40)

Best flash drive



  • Available in 8 colors
  • Available in 128GB or 256GB
  • Reads at 80MB per second, writes at 40MB per second
  • USB 3
  • Password protected
  • Compatible with Apple products and Android products

Every student needs a flash drive, and this isn't a back-to-school purchase that needs to be pricey. You just need something that functions (and probably more than one). The Sunany flash drive comes in a bunch of different colors and two size capacities. 

It's compatible with your Apple products and your Android products, so it's a pretty universal product for everyone.


  • Affordable price point
  • Compatible with a large number of devices


  • Slide mechanism can be delicate

Havit Mechanical Keyboard and Mouse Combo (was $58)

Best mechanical keyboard



  • 14 backlit modes on the keyboard and 7 backlit modes on the mouse
  • Ergonomic keyboard with detachable wrist rest
  • Compatibility with Windows 2000/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10/MAC/Linux for gaming pc
  • Available in black, white, and pink
  • The mouse has 7 programmable keys
  • All-key rollover on the keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are quite the trend right now for gamers and non-gamers alike. These keyboards that make extra noise are good for more than just that -- the Havit keyboard has sensitive keys and a backlighting feature. Perfect for high school and college students, this keyboard is as fun as it is functional. 

Plus, it comes with a matching mouse. 


  • Backlighting on both the keyboard and mouse are aesthetically pleasing
  • Wrist rest provides maximum comfort


  • The mouse isn't the best pick for gaming (but will do fine for regular computer work)

Wansview Wireless Security Camera (was $36)

Best simple security camera



  • Available in two colors
  • Works with Amazon Alexa
  • Streams in 1080P HD
  • Has SD and cloud storage
  • Two-way audio and night vision

Whether it's a college dorm or a high school boarding school, these rooms are often not fully secure and could benefit from a security camera. The Wansview security camera is super simple to set up and use in a dorm to keep an eye on any potential mishaps with roommates or classmates.

It's Wi-Fi enabled, has two-way audio, and fully functions with night vision.


  • Can see up to 16 feet in dark conditions
  • Syncs with your phone for easy viewing


  • Only WiFi capability

TCL 32-inch Class 3-Series HD LED Smart Android TV (was $229)

Best affordable smart TV



  • Google Assistant and Google Chromecast built-in
  • Streams in 720p HD
  • Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI, USB, Wi-Fi enabled
  • LED screen
  • 2 HDMI ports

With the popularity of streaming apps, it makes sense to skip a regular TV and just get a smart TV. This 32" TCL is a great size for a dorm room because it won't take up too much space. It comes loaded with popular streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, and it streams in high definition.

If you want something slightly bigger, this model is available in a 40" as well.


  • Has all the smart functionality at an affordable price
  • Voice-enabled


  • It does not stream in 4K

Garmin 010-01689-00 Forerunner 35 (was $169)

Best simple smartwatch



  • Available in four colors
  • Heart rate monitor available as an add-on
  • 1GB storage
  • Bluetooth and GPS enabled
  • Tracking estimates steps, calories, and intensity minutes and reminds you when to move.
  • Automatically uploads data to Garmin Connect

A smartwatch is an awesome resource for a lot of students. Not only will it hopefully keep them punctual, but it can also help keep their fitness in check. It's easy to get stuck in a rut studying for hours, but the Garmin will help keep them active and healthy. 

Plus, it uploads everything to the Garmin app, so it's easy to keep track of.


  • Can connect to your smartphone easily for notifications
  • Affordable price point


  • Not fully integrated with fitness functionality

Which deals are right for you?

Taking budget into consideration is the first step in deciding which products are for you and your student. Once you have a budget in mind, you can decide which products are necessary. Will the student be living in a dorm? If not, then things like the security camera aren't necessary. 

Will the student plan to use a larger computer monitor for learning? If not, then the keyboard probably isn't a necessity either. If you have a student, though, who plans to do a lot of computer work and has a computer-related major, these computer accessories (or similar alternatives) will most likely be a huge help in their education. 

Are there other deals worth considering?

There are plenty of alternatives to all the products listed. Though all of these products selected are great deals on Amazon, you might find something at an even better price. 

On the flip side, if you're willing to splurge, you might find an alternative at a higher price point. Amazon does a great job of offering its best alternatives when you look at a product, but a few of our top contenders for alternatives for what we listed include:

What kind of computers do high school and college kids need?

This really comes down to the school, the student, the budget, and the education plan. If you have a student who is studying something computer-centric and you have the budget for a higher-end setup, consider investing in that if your student is still in high school and can't bring a laptop to school, factor that into what kind of computer they'll use at home.

Which products are best for high school students?

High school students should need far less for back-to-school than a college students. Unless you have a student who is living in a boarding school, they most likely already have the majority of what they need at home. Get them set up with all the school supplies they'll need and check in with them to see if any of their tech is out of date or in need of an upgrade. 

Useful products include a laptop or tablet, flash drive, and external hard drive. Plus, these are products that will transition to college with them, too.

Should I get a smart TV if I have a streaming device?

Though we mentioned deals on streaming devices and smart TVs, you don't necessarily need both. If a smart TV isn't in your budget, a streaming device is a great budget-friendly alternative. 

If you do want to go all-in on a smart TV, though, you don't need the streaming device as well.