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Best gifts under $25 2021: Stocking stuffers and more

Your stocking stuffers don't need to be super expensive in order to be awesome.

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Stocking stuffers are easy to pull off.

It's not hard to find little gifts to stuff in the old socks hanging over the fireplace. They're usually more of the appetizer to the main course, anyway. We all want those big presents waiting underneath the tree. So, your stocking gifts don't need to be super expensive, but that doesn't mean they still can't be awesome. To help you out, we've rounded up the best stocking stuffer gifts under $25. These are all neat ideas that won't break your bank and will actually be used by your loved one.

Bondic LED UV liquid plastic welding kit

Fix phone chargers, toys, glasses, jewelry, more


Not gonna lie... This is a neat little tool that went viral on TikTok. The incorporated LED UV light has an easy press button, and when the included liquid is exposed to the UV light, it cures in seconds to form a permanent bond. It dries clear and can be sanded or painted after. Use it on plastic, wood, metal, PVC, steel, rubber, wiring, ceramic, figurines, vinyl, Kevlar, polypropylene, leather, and so much more.

Electric lighter

Light candles, barbecues, and more


Here's another "TikTok made me buy it" item. Ever wish you could reach the bottom of a candle? Or maybe you can't find a light or a match? That's never a problem with this rechargeable lighter that can fit into hard-to-reach-places. It uses a lithium-ion battery -- and one charge can discharge hundreds of times. 

Trendoux winter gloves

Touchscreen-friendly gloves


The age-old dilemma of not being able to use your phone while wearing gloves is easily solved with a pair of touchscreen-friendly winter mitts, such as these from Trendoux, which are a best seller on Amazon.

Moleskin notebook

A notebook has endless uses


A classic Moleskin notebook is a stocking stuffer that you just know will be appreciated and well-used, especially by the A-types in your life who loves to be organized and journal. 

Fire TV Stick Lite

Give the gift of entertainment


The Fire TV Stick Lite is the cheapest version of Amazon's streaming stick, though Amazon's other models are only a few dollars more if you have extra cash to spend. They all let you stream all your favorite apps in HD, and with its easy setup, your loved ones can start binging in no time. 

Roku Premiere 4K Streaming Stick

4K HDR media player


Since we mentioned Amazon's streaming stick, we have to mention Roku's too. It's under $25 for the holidays and also provides access to everything from Hulu to Netflix. There's no HBO Max, sadly, however.

Tile Mate

For that friend who can never find their keys


This item locator can be used to find your keys, wallet, pets, or any other small object. It is an all-purpose finder for a wide variety of items and works with iOS and Android.

Seneo Alarm Clock with 7.5W wireless charging pad

For the friend who is always late


This alarm clock charges a phone! It's a two-fer that should make anyone happy to see in their stocking.

Light-up Christmas tie

The uglier the better


A classic gift for the business person in your life. But it's a little techy (and tacky) because it has LED lights. Gift it to someone to wear to their Christmas work party (virtual or in-person). It'll give them a chuckle when they open it, at the very least. If you want a tie that's a little less flashy, there's also these Christmas ones.

Car trash can with lid

Fits into a cupholder or car door


Have you ever carpooled or gotten a ride from someone who has a disgusting car? Like, they can't seem to keep the inside clean? Maybe help them out and get them this handy trash can for their vehicle. It can fit into a cup holder or car door pocket. It's also great next to a computer. 

Lenovo Smart Clark

They'll never sleep late again


Regularly $50, this smart clock from Lenovo has a 4-inch LED display and works with Google Assistant. It'd be a great gift for that person who's always waking up late. If they're more of an Alexa person, the Echo Show 5 is just $45 right now and works very similarly.

Mr. Coffee mug warmer

Say no to cold coffee


This coffee mug warmer is a great way to make sure your favorite person never has to drink cold coffee again. It can also work to keep soups warm for lunch. 

Kasa multicolor smart LED bulb

A perfect smart home starter bulb


This is a multicolor smart bulb that comes with a wide range of colors and dimming capabilities. Your loved one can choose a light for everything from a dinner party to a late-night study session. No hub required. Plus, it works with Google Assistant or Alexa voice commands.

Smartish magnetic cable manager

Keep messing cords organized


Everyone has a cord problem. Most of us have them sprawled all over our desks. Why not help a loved one out this Christmas and get them a stylish magnetic device that will keep all their cables tidy and neat?

PCS Car Side View Mirror waterproof film

Handy when it's wet outside


This one is a bit random, but c'mon, we've all had that moment where we couldn't easily see our side-view mirrors on a rainy day. This four-pack sticks on your mirrors and is waterproof, rainproof, anti-reflective, and anti-oil stain. It can solve all your loved one's troubles, especially if they commute or travel a lot.

Omoton keyboard

Ultra-slim Bluetooth keyboard with sliding stand


Give this to your hard-working loved one so they can get stuff done on their iPad or iPhone from anywhere.

Kahioe toothbrush

Four-pack of amazing toothbrushes


I mean, these toothbrushes have 1,000 bristles each. What in the world? Give them to someone who is really into oral hygiene. They'll definitely get a kick out of them. Personally, I just want to see what they feel like!

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