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Best keyboards in 2020: From mechanical to minimal, the top options compared

Finding yourself spending more time working from your home office? Time to kit it out with quality keyboards so you can get more work done in less time while also keeping your joints -- especially wrists and shoulders -- healthy.

COVID-19 has done more for working from home in a few months than I expected to see happen in a decade. People left or were pushed out of their offices and have had to set up work from home spaces. On top of that, many have also seen their children moving from the classroom into the home, putting more demands on space, internet bandwidth, and equipment.

Having the right equipment can make a huge difference, not just to productivity, but also comfort. And there's one bit of equipment that can make a massive difference, and that's the keyboard. Here are a few top-notch keyboards for those of you considering an upgrade. I've also picked a great keyboard for all you left-handed people out there.

Minimalistic keyboard

Das Keyboard Prime 13


A solid, well-made, minimalistic keyboard that can last you a lifetime. Each key is equipped with a high-precision Cherry MX Brown switch, which is good for a whopping 50 million presses.

This keyboard features beautiful LED back-lighting which makes typing in low-light a pleasure.

Beautiful keyboard, one of the very best money can buy.

$129 at Das Keyboard

Keyboard with numeric keypad

Apple Magic Keyboard


The best solution for Mac users. Stylish, practical, and very robust. I suggest getting the version with the numeric keypad, but if you are short of desk space, you could go for the basic keyboard.

The keyboard uses Apple's scissor mechanism, giving each key a great feeling of solidity and great tactile feedback.

$129 at Apple

Mobile device physical keyboard

Logitech K780


If you work primarily with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, this Logitech keyboard offers you the ability to work with a physical keyboard when the need arises. Can't choose what device to use? This keyboard offers the ability to switch quickly between multiple devices.

A great space saver!

$79 at Logitech

Mechanical keyboard for lefties

DSI Left-Handed Keyboard with Cherry Mechanical Red Switch


I'm right-handed, but statistically, some one-in-seven readers will be left-handed, and having to force yourself to fit into a world built for right-handers can be hard. So, why not grab yourself a keyboard made for people like you!

The DSI left-handed keyboard is built around the Cherry mechanical Red switch, each good for 20 million hits.

A wonderfully solid keyboard that's an absolute pleasure to use.

$92 at Newegg