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Best robot vacuums for the office in 2020: Roborock, ILife, Ecovacs, and more

Have a look at 2020's best robot vacuums -- all tried and tested in my office and home.

I have tried many robot vacuums for the office -- and home -- over the past few years, and some of them really stand out with their superb features and capabilities. If you have never tried an automatic robot vacuum to sweep, mop, or scrub your floors, here are some of the best robot vacuums I have ever tried. You will not go wrong with any of these fabulous devices.

Best for sweeping with app

Amarey A980


The Amarey A980 delivers 1600Pa power and will clean carpets and hard flooring for up to 90 minutes before it returns to the dock. The app works well with a room mapping function and zones to clean at different schedules. A magnetic strip provides a no-go zone. I thought the Amarey A980 was a nice performing robot for its price.

$350 at Amazon

Roborock C10


The Roborock C10 never had any issues during the entire time I tried it out. It has a nifty feature that increases suction each time it climbs up onto carpet from hard flooring. The app works well, but the C10 has no remote control if you can't connect to the app. It has no mapping feature, so it does wander around the office until it finds its docking station.

$100 at Amazon Renewed

Best for sweeping with remote control

ILife A4s


If you find an app too fiddly to configure, or you want a simple set of control functions for your robot vacuum, then the ILife A4s Pro robot vacuum could be ideal for you. It operates at up to 2000Pa suction power when in spot mode, increases its suction power as it transitions to carpets, and has a series of beeps to notify you as to what is wrong with it. The A4s has no mapping function so will take time to return to it charging dock.

$170 at Amazon

Best for sweeping and mopping

iLife V8s


The ILife V8s will sweep for almost two hours before taking itself back to its charging station, which will charge its 2,600mAh battery for around two hours before it can be used again. The mop is a little disappointing if you have a filthy floor but manages daily wiping effectively.  It has no mapping function but cleans the floors in a structured way. Set the cleaning schedule using the LCD display on the robot and forget about it.

$310 at Amazon

Ecovacs OZMO 920

Hands on with the Ecovacs Deebot OSMO 920 robot vacuum A multi-use vacuum with smart app features zdnet

The Ecovacs OZMO 920 will mop and sweep at the same time -- but will not roam over any carpeted area when in mopping mode. Furthermore, the app enables you to control how much water is used for the mopping. This model also has an app with mapping, and the ability to create no-go zones to make it more efficient. I also like that you can also set the OZMO 920 to map different areas -- for example, an upstairs zone, and a different zone for downstairs. Controllable by voice using Alexa or Google Assistant.

$578 at Amazon

Roborock S5 Max

Hands on with the Roborock S5 Max robot vacuum Superb dust collection from a multi-function robot zdnet

The Roborock S5 Max is a nice, stylish robot vacuum with 2000Pa suction and a battery that will clean for over two hours. It easily connects to the Roborock app, which has several useful features. You can set the times of automated cleaning, decide whether the robot increases suction power when it moves over the carpet, and select the do not disturb times. I love that, if the Roborock S5 Max detects that it does not have enough battery remaining for it to finish the space, it will return to its dock, top-up its charge, and return to finish the area. It can also be controlled by Alexa.

$600 at Amazon

Best for floor washing

ILife Shinebot W400

ILife Shinebot W400 floor washing robot–for everyone who hates washing floors

The ILIFE Shinebot W400 floor washing robot must be the best piece of tech I have ever reviewed -- primarily because I hate washing floors. The robot has two tanks: One for clean water, a separate tank for the dirty water, and a fibre roller and rubber squeegee, which dries the floors after they have been scrubbed. This is not an automated robot cleaner. You need to lift the robot off its charging station each time you want to use it, fill it with water, and take it to the area you want to have cleaned. This is a small price to pay for washed -- and dried -- floors.

$250 at Amazon

Best for obstacle avoidance

Roborock S6 MaxV

Hands on with the Roborock S6 MaxV robot vacuum Intelligent camera for no more pet poop disasters zdnet

The Roborock S6 MaxV has a dual camera in the front bumper, which will recognize five different categories of objects such as scales, power strips, footwear, pedestals, and pet waste and display the relevant icon on the app map. The robot has a powerful suction of 2500Pa, and its 460ml capacity dustbin means less frequent emptying. Rooms are colored separately in the app so you to set individual cleaning schedule times for each area.  You can also set separate no-mop areas -- in rooms with carpets -- or configure areas where the robot is not to vacuum. I like that it will return to its charging dock and recharge itself until it has sufficient battery to return to the space and finish the clean.

$750 at Amazon



The Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI is a floor-sweeping and mopping robot that has every feature you could need in a multi-purpose robot -- and a video and microphone that can scan your home whilst you are away. It maps your home and will clean zones, areas, and rooms on different floors, as well as letting you control it manually. It increases its suction power when it transitions from a hard surface to carpet, yet it is quiet in operation. I had challenges connecting the OZMO T8 AIVI to the app, but once connected the features were superb.

$800 at Amazon

Best dustbin capacity



I love that the Neabot robot vacuum empties its on-board dustbin into a large hopper, meaning that trips to empty the dustbin are few and far between. Its dustbag is made from eco-friendly material and fixed to the hopper with a cardboard insert. When you lift the insert, a sliding cover ensures that you do not spill any dust. Its powerful 2700Pa suction means that it is really efficient in use

$400 at Amazon