BetterCloud launches security alerts for G Suite

The product marks an expansion of the partnership between Google and BetterCloud, which offers a SaaS operations management platform.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

BetterCloud, which offers a SaaS operations management platform, is launching real-time, activity-based security alerts for G Suite. The new product will help enterprise IT teams watch for malicious or authorized activity, like unauthorized file downloads or logins from an unusual location.

"Every second of every minute, people are taking actions within SaaS applications such as downloading files, forwarding emails, installing external applications and more," BetterCloud CEO David Politis said in a statement. "Identifying and assessing anomalous behavior in these circumstances can be highly challenging -- and lacking the ability to respond quickly can result in data slipping through the cracks."

With the new product, IT admins can set security policies and alerts for certain user activities. For instance, if an employee tries to log in from an unusual location, BetterCloud can automatically clear any active sessions across applications and devices. This will prompt the user to log back into SSO and ensure they haven't been hacked.

BetterCloud also offers activity-based alerts for Okta, Dropbox and other SaaS applications. The product expansion is significant, given that BetterCloud was built on Google Cloud Platform in 2011 for organizations using Google applications.

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