Big Data everywhere: NetSuite runs iCharts

Big Data can be embedded anywhere - Analysis as a Service could be a killer business app.
Written by Tom Foremski, Contributor

The Big Data sector makes big promises about delivering profitable insights into business performance and encourages the idea that there is an El Dorado of new revenues to be discovered in all that data.

But integrating multiple data sets is expensive and time-consuming and then the results of the analysis have to reach the right person at the right time, and very importantly, have to be clearly understood.

There are many Big Data as a service startups these days and this means there are many different approaches to overcoming these obstacles. The recent announcement by Netsuite and iCharts caught my eye because it addresses the pain points of multiple data set integration and distribution using a cloud-based model.

And by being natively embedded inside Netsuite dashboards, iCharts is able to reach users wherever they are, on whatever screens they live on, with easily understood, actionable business information.

The NetSuite integration also enables iCharts to sell third-party data sets, such as point of purchase data, and combine them with a customer's data in real-time, while maintaining security and privacy.

This type of app integration is becoming familiar to many enterprise users these days because it mirrors the micro-services IT approach that many large companies are pursuing with their in-house app development.

The micro-services trend is transforming the nature of the app itself. Apps are essentially becoming specialized aggregators of internal and external micro-services. Which means that Big Data feeds can be, and will be, easily available everywhere.

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