Big data summer reading list

If you just can't leave the topic of big data behind as you hit the beach or BBQ circuit this weekend, then perhaps a reading list on the subject is in order.
Written by Andrew Brust, Contributor
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This guest post comes from Kurt Dobbins, CEO of Deep.

School is out, and students everywhere are given the dreaded summer reading list. Well, it's your lucky day! You too can enjoy the thrills of a good read as you sit on the beach this fourth of July weekend. Check out my list below of recommended books to get you up to speed on big data.


Big Data A Revolution

Big Data: A Revolution that Will Transform How We Live, Work and Think, by Viktor Mayer-Schonberger and Kenneth Cukier: How will unprecedented access to data change the way you see the big, wide world? Read this to find out.

Black Swan

The Black Swan, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb: The science and art of data. Yes, you need both.

New Digital Age

The New Digital Age, by Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen: Technology equals power? The equation isn't that simple, but a powerhouse co-authorship from Google's Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen makes for a heady read.


The Unstoppables, by Bill Schley: The two "e"s of "entrepreneurialism" are essence and essentials. A good one for the office book club.

Human Face of Big Data

The Human Face of Big Data, by Rick Smolan: Photojournalism meets future view. It's got essays and pictures that illustrate what big data has done and can do to the human condition.


1984, by George Orwell: A classic — and, be honest, you probably haven't read it since high school. A cautionary tale about the perils of knowing too much and the enduring power of love (awww...).


Flatland, by Edwin Abbott: Mind-bending existential lit, plus really cute drawings. Irresistible.

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