Bing Chat gets a new wave of updates, including (finally) chat history

Microsoft adds several long-awaited features to its chatbot. Here's what you need to know.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
Closeup of Bing Chat's chat history sidebar

Bing Chat's chat history sidebar. 

Sabrina Ortiz/ZDNET

Microsoft continued its hot streak of churning out Bing Chat updates on Friday. This wave of updates included long-awaited features such as an export button and a chat history feature.

Now, instead of having your chats with Bing disappear when you start a new conversation, Bing will remember the history of previous chat threads and display them on the right-hand side of the chat window. 

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You can also personalize your history by deleting and renaming your chats based on your needs, similar to the chat history on ChatGPT.

However, there was no mention of whether you can shut the chat history options on or off, a feature ChatGPT had to recently implement to give users autonomy about which of their data gets used to train OpenAI's models. 

Lastly, you can share or export your conversation to a PDF, text file, or Microsoft Word Document to save your findings in a more structured way. 

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You can also expect to see more visual elements within your answers as more charts and visualizations were added to aid with more complete and useful responses. 

Some responses may even include a video response that users can click on to launch in full-screen video overlay. 

Bing Video feature
Sabrina Ortiz/ZDNET

For example, if you look up, "How to tie a tie?", a video with timestamps could come up as part of your answer to help you master the skill. 

Other updates announced in the blog post include improved auto-suggest, optimized answers for recipes, and privacy improvements in the Edge sidebar. 

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A major update not included in the blog post but spotted by users on Twitter was the removal of a chat limit and chat turns. 

Instead of seeing a chat limit in the lower left-hand corner of each individual chat, you now see a character tracker with a limit of 4,000 characters per chat. 

We can expect even more updates to be announced at Microsoft's annual developer conference, Microsoft Build on Tuesday. 

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