BlackBerry PlayBook: it lives!

Over 5 minutes of BlackBerry PlayBook deliciousness
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

There was a lot of speculation around whether or not the BlackBerry PlayBook had actually been created yet. Well, BlackBerry shocked the world by showing it off during Adobe Max on Monday. The presenter, CTO of Adobe, Kevin Lynch, was demonstrating some apps that let you see scans in real-time and interact with them, and then in a Jobsian-like moment, he flipped the tablet over to expose the BlackBerry symbol. It didn't receive the standing ovation I would have expected, but the video below definitely shows the PlayBook being put through its paces.

At times the PlayBook appears a bit underpowered, but that's pretty much on par with most of the pre-shipping OS's I've been playing with, including Windows Phone 7, which has come out of the gate as a real screamer.

I especially like the full integration and support for Flash 10.1. I'm left wondering if that would have been as big a deal if Apple hadn't refused to integrate Flash in its iPhone or iPad.

Is the PlayBook an iPad killer? It's too soon to tell, but since it's going after a different market, I don't think it needs to "kill" anytime soon.

Enjoy the 5.5 minute video of the PlayBook in action below.

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