BlackBerry still number one, but there's a new number two

NPD says Android now number two, with iPhone number three. Not surprisingly, BlackBerry hangs onto number one.
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

Lately I've been seeing a lot more people using Android-based devices. It goes without saying that the BlackBerry is everywhere, but Android was always playing catch-up to iPhone, which of course, is everywhere. Granted, this is a United States-based perspective, but I was waiting for some true evidence that Android had made some gains.

Yesterday The NPD Group released its Mobile Phone Track, and with it came the evidence I have been seeking. According to the report, Android now has a 28 percent share of the smartphone OS market, with the iPhone coming in at 21 percent. Of course, neither operating systems are touching RIM's BlackBerry, but they're definitely getting closer.

According to Larry Dignan, Ross Rubin from NPD is citing Verizon Wireless's expansion of its buy-one-get-one offer to include Android as the reason. I would venture to say that it could also be people not wanting to switch to AT&T, now that Android phones are become easier to use.

Of course, NPD is just one of many firms that reports numbers, so just because NPD found that Android was number two doesn't mean that Gartner and others will. For now, though, rejoice in knowing that RIM is still number one, and iPhone is playing catch-up.

I should also mention that if Android took the lead it calls into question Apple's AT&T's exclusivity deal. If Android can gain across all carriers and surpass iPhone, it seems that maybe people are tired of switching to AT&T? Either that or Android is getting much easier to use so there's not as much of a need to switch to AT&T to get an iPhone.

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