Blue Prism lands more partners, including IBM, for robotics process automation

Blue Prism, which specializes in digitizing work, has been building out its partner base and ecosystem as it lands more customers.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Blue Prism, which provides robotic process automation software, outlined a new alliance program that should give the company more distribution into the enterprise.

The company's technology alliance program, includes Appian, Captricity, Celaton, Expert System, IBM, and Minit. Of that group, IBM is clearly the largest.

For Blue Prism, the partnerships will enable it to automate more processes. Blue Prism specializes in creating a digital workforce for industries ranging from financial services to healthcare and insurance.

The goal for Blue Prism is to leverage its robotic process automation system as an operating system to automate work. Blue Prism sits at the intersection of artificial intelligence and cognitive computing.

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With a bevy of partners in the fold, Blue Prism and its Operating System for the Digital Workforce will be in more digital transformation deployments. Companies are automating work with software that can analyze text, interpret unstructured data, and apply machine learning.

In recent weeks, Blue Prism has been building out its partner base with announcements with EY, Appian, and an ecosystem certification program.

Blue Prism is still a small company with revenue of £9.6 million for 2016, up 59 percent from a year ago. Blue Prism ended 2016 with 153 customers and plans to ramp that total with an indirect sales model.

Blue Prism CEO Alastair Bathgate on robotics process automation, the digital workforce:

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