BodyGuardz ScreenGuardz and UltraTough Clear for iPhone 4S (review)

I am a strong believer in applying screen protectors to the high priced smartphones of today since we tend to throw them in our jeans pockets and carry them naked.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

As you have likely learned by now I roll through smartphones on a regular basis and thus I work hard to keep them in mint condition so I can sell them to save up for the next great thing. As a result, the first thing I do is apply some type of screen protection and my personal favorites are those from BodyGuardz. I was sent the HD Anti-glare ScreenGuardz and UltraTough Clear Full Body (Dry Apply) protectors for the Apple iPhone 4S.

In the past, I always used the BodyGuardz protectors that required me to spray a solution on the protector and then carefully apply it to the device. It was a bit messy, but I learned how to apply them successfully after several devices and protector application trials. Both of the protectors I looked at this time require no liquid for the application process and are simply dry applied.

Package contents

There are two sets of screen protectors (back protector is also included in the UltraTough Clear Full Body package). You will find the directions and a cleaning cloth in the ScreenGuardz package and a squeegee card, cleaning cloth, screen wipe, and instructions in the UltraTough Full Body protection package. There are a total of 6 (7 for the AT&T iPhone) pieces for the Full Body protector to completely cover all sides of the iPhone. The AT&T model has two pieces for the left side due to slight design differences. Oh yes, you will also find a cool BodyGuardz sticker in each package and I applied one to the back of my MacBook Pro since I collect stickers there.


ScreenGuardz HD

The ScreenGuardz HD screen protector is a slick plastic protector that has small stickers with the numbers 1 and 2 in the upper corners. You remove the number 1 side first and align the protector on top of your iPhone display. You then remove the number 2 side and rub out any bubbles with the included cleaning cloth. This protector was drop dead simple to apply and I saw very few bubbles on my display and after a day or two they were all gone.

UltraTough Clear Full Body (Dry Apply)

The UltraTough Clear Full Body protectors feel like those static cling pieces you apply to your windows for decorations and as you can see in various product videos they are extremely tough and durable. They do not have a two part cover system, but you simply start to peel the cover off of the storage sheet (almost like wax paper) and slowly roll it down the device to apply to your clean screen or back. With the smaller side, top, and bottom pieces you just take them off the storage sheet and apply them around the iPhone.

It was not as easy as the ScreenGuardz HD to apply, but I pulled it off and reapplied a couple of times to get everything lined up. After I placed the skin pieces on my device, I noticed there were some areas where there were still bubbles. I used the squeegee and was able to get most bubbles out. However, there appeared to be lots of areas that were not clear and I was about to pull the protector off of my display and just forget about it. I read that the bubbles and "residue" looking areas will clear up over time and decided to be patient.

After a couple of days, there was not a single bubble or other visible issue under the display and I couldn't have been any happier.


I tried out the ScreenGuardz for a week or so and enjoy the anti-glare nature of the protector. BodyGuardz also has ScreenGuardz in UltraTough Clear, case-friendly UltraTough Clear (for those who use a case that wraps around the edges), Privacy, and Classic Clear configurations in different price levels so you have lots of choices for screen only protection.

The UltraTough Clear Full Body protector has been on my iPhone 4S for the last month. After initial application for testing purposes, I did not leave any protection around the edges since I was testing out some other shell cases and was primarily interested in front and back protection. At first I noticed a difference in the way the display felt to my touch, but now I don't even notice that there is a protector on the iPhone 4S. In the past I applied protectors due to stylus use, but today they are no longer used and my concern now is scratching the display due to keys, coins, buttons, and other things found in pockets where my iPhone is carried.

The iPhone is a very expensive smartphone and I highly recommend you apply some form of screen protection to help protect your investment from damage.


You can buy the ScreenGuardz for $15.95 and the UltraTough Full Body for $24.95. This price includes two screen protectors/complete sets, depending on which product you order. There is a 30-day money back guarantee, 20% off of future purchase and an awesome lifetime replacement/warranty on the cases.

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