Boeing fixes two more 787s, repeats first flight will be in '09

The wings on two more 787 Dreamliners have undergone repairs that have held up the jetliner's first flight since June. Boeing reiterated for the second time in five days that the first 787 flight will be before the end of the year.
Written by John Dodge, Contributor

Boeing said today it finished "side-of-body" repairs over the weekend on two more 787 Dreamliners after announcing the first one was fixed on Thursday. The company also repeated that the first flight of a 787 will take place before the end of the year.

The repair was completed on the 787 static airframe where it will be tested and hopefully validated and on a second flight test 787. The repair involves new fittings at 34 stringer locations where the wing attaches to the fuselage.

787 static airframe

Putting out a press release for such a seemingly minor repair is unusual for Boeing. I suspect the motivation arises out the company's desire to communicate to customers, investors, suppliers and the media that first flight REALLY is going happen before year's end after more than two years of delays.

"Concurrently we are restoring the airplanes and completing the functional tests required to fly by the end of the year.  This team is focused on its goals and bringing us ever closer to first flight," 787 program general manager Scott Fancher said in a press release.

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