Borders in liquidation, check for great deals

The Borders chain is liquidating and folks are telling me that some Borders stores are already in heavy liquidation mode and great deals can be found. Might be a way to get a Kobo Reader on the cheap.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

The news that the Borders chain is liquidating is not surprising given the trouble the company has faced for quite some time. A lot of folks have great memories of time spent in Borders, but they will soon fade into the past. Meanwhile folks are telling me that some Borders stores are already in heavy liquidation mode and great deals can be found.

Not to beat on a chain when it's down, but the stores are going to be totally liquidated between now and September so if you have one nearby it might be a good idea to check in frequently. Don't forget that Borders sells (or perhaps couldn't sell) the Kobo eReader, and while there is no word these will be liquidated cheaply it does sound like everything must go. It might be a way to pick up a decent eReader on the cheap. Details on the Kobo Reader can still be found on the Borders web site, but don't count on that being live for much longer.

Kobo runs the Borders online ebookstore and is separate from Borders so the readers will still work with the Kobo store.

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