Bosch launches air quality monitoring system for smart cities, based on Intel IoT architecture

The system is designed to monitor air quality metrics, analyze them and give smart city officials data to make better decisions.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Bosch has launched a system designed to monitor air quality in smart cities so officials can react quickly to improve the quality of life.

The system, the Bosch Air Quality Micro Climate Monitoring System (MCMS), is based on Intel technology, sensors and software to measure air quality.

MCMS offers microclimate data measurements for EPA pollutants, including particulate matter, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and ozone. MCMS also tracks temperature, humidity, light, sound and pressure.

With the data compiled, MCMS can analyze conditions and then adjust traffic flow and change emissions at factories and industrial settings. Construction sites can also provide early warning signals based on conditions.

MCMS, available now, is compact and built for rugged conditions. It includes remote monitoring via wired and wireless interfaces. Sensors can also be calibrated over the air. In addition, MCMS is based on Intel's IoT reference architecture, Wind River Helix Device Cloud, for edge devices and security tools.


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