Brazilian firm presses ahead with antitrust case against Google

Price comparison website Buscapé plans to use arguments from the EU antitrust ruling against Google as part of its own lawsuit against the web giant.
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

A Brazilian online giant is planning to use arguments from last week's $2.7 billion European Union antitrust ruling as part of its own lawsuit against the web giant.

Buscapé, a price comparison engine, is also suing Google for using its prevalence in Internet searches to favor its Google Shopping engine.

The Brazilian company's lawyers are planning to submit details on the EU ruling to the local antitrust regulator Cade, arguing the cases are very similar.

The antirust case between Buscapé and Google was filed in 2011, when the latter's comparison shopping service was launched in Brazil.

According to Buscapé, the expectation is that Google will also be punished in Brazil for abusing of a dominant position, as well as discrimination and favoritism to Google Shopping in detriment of other competing price comparison websites.

Among the evidence previously provided to Cade, the Brazilian firm has shown evidence that Google propped up its own service as soon as and that its Shopping results were the first item in searches days after launching.

Also similarly to the EU antitrust case, Google is being accused of blocking Buscapé in online search advertising.

Buscapé was bought out by South African media conglomerate Naspers in 2009, and is often referred to by the local business community as the most successful tech startup story from Brazil.

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