Canva unveils Magic Studio, its AI-infused design platform

Use AI to create and write your next project.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor

Canva has become a go-to graphic design platform for many people because of its intuitiveness and vast range of services. Now, Canva is celebrating its tenth anniversary by launching an AI-infused design platform -- Magic Studio. 

Magic Studio infuses AI across every part of Canva. It includes a suite of AI features that can do everything from creating an entire design for you to editing a short-form video from a few clips. 

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The suite of tools in Magic Studio includes Magic Switch, Magic Media, Magic Design, Brand Voice, Magic Morph, Magic Grab, Magic Expand, AI Apps on Canva, and more, according to the release.  

With Magic Switch, users can take a given piece of content and ask Canva to instantaneously convert it to a different format. For example, a user could take a whiteboard of ideas and ask Canva to turn it into a presentation. 

Magic Media gives users the ability to generate images and videos from a simple text prompt. The video-generation capabilities are supported by Runway's Gen-2 model. 

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The Magic Design feature is similar to Magic Media, except that instead of turning your text prompt into an image or video, the tool turns it into a design. 

All a user needs to do is type an idea and select a color scheme to have an entire design generated in seconds. These designs can range from from a poster to a full presentation on a specific topic. 

The Magic Design feature will be helpful for professionals who are working on a project, such as a presentation on the fly, or for an inexperienced user who lacks the skill to generate a design that is visually appealing. 

Magic Design also works with video. It can take a couple of your video clips and images, and generate a short video clip that even includes music recommendations. 

Magic Morph uses a text prompt to transform the appearance of words and shapes into anything the user would like to see, including new colors, textures, and more. 

To help transform your photos into what you wish they looked like initially, Canva has Magic Grab, which allows you to select and separate any object in a picture, and Magic Expand, which can recover whatever is outside the frame, similar to Adobe's Generative Fill.

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In addition to helping with visual needs, Canva is supercharging its Magic Write copywriting expert to be aware of Brand Voice, which can help you insert your brand's voice into any design or document.

Both Magic Write and Brand Voice can be combined to help produce text for the various stages of copywriting, from the brainstorming process, to the first-draft generation, and all the way through to completion. 

Lastly, AI Apps on Canva groups all the existing AI productivity tools and puts them in one place, allowing users to access tools such as OpenAI's DALL-E and Imagen by Google. 

All of the Magic Studio products will be available at no additional cost for unlimited use in Canva Pro and Canva for Teams. Free users can experience some of the Magic Studio products without charge. 

To further its commitment to ethical AI, Canva announced a Creator Compensation Program, which will give $200 million during the next three years in content and AI royalties to Canva Creators whose content was used to train the company's AI models. Creators will also be given the ability to opt out of having their content used for training. 

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Recently, many companies with AI models, such as Adobe and Getty Images, have taken the route of paying contributors in royalties for their contributions to model training.

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