CES 2009: Sharp premieres Aquos LCD, Blu-ray HDTV combo [day 2]

Sharp today introduced their first AQUOS LCD TVs with built-in Blu-ray Disc players.All-in-one fans unite!
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

Sharp today introduced their first AQUOS LCD TVs with built-in Blu-ray Disc players.

All-in-one fans unite!

The Full-HD 1080p AQUOS BD series, which includes the 52-inch LC-52BD80U, 46-inch LC-46BD80U, 42-inch class LC-42BD80U, 37-inch LC-37BD60U and 32-inch LC-32BD60U, combines HDTV with a side-loading multi-slot for Blu-ray, DVD and CD content.

It's a single-step operation to turn on the TV and activate play when a BD disc is inserted.

The BD series also features a newly developed Advanced Super View Superlucent panel for "a dramatically bright and crisp picture" with reduced reflection and a "Pure Mode" for optimized Blu-ray. The new models have a subtle blue accent at the bottom of the frame and a swivel stand.

The TVs have 176 degree viewing angles, and there are four HDMI inputs on the LC-52BD80U, LC-46BD80U and LC-42BD80U and three on the LC-37BD60U and LC-32BD60U, as well as two component video inputs, all 1080p compatible. The HDMI terminals all have 24p input capability for high-quality Blu-ray video processing. Also, a built-in ATSC and QAM tuner for access to DTV channels, and an RS-232C input for custom installations and a PC input.

Pricing? No information yet available, but we've got release info: The LC-52BD80U and LC-46BD80U will be available in February; the LC-42BD80U, LC-37BD60U and LC-32BD60U will be available in January.

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