CES 2012: Sony renames phone unit to Mobile Communications

Sony announces a major shift for its mobile phone unit as it tries to ramp up brand awareness in North America.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

LAS VEGAS -- Say goodbye to Sony Ericsson, and hello to Sony Mobile Communications.

It was only a matter of time, but Sony Corporation executive deputy president Kazuo Hirai announced the name change rather suddenly during the Sony press conference at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Monday evening.

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Last October, Sony and Ericsson decided not to renew their 10-year relationship, instead to go their separate ways.

While that decision could prove to be detrimental for Ericsson, it opens up more potential for Sony as it gives the global entertainment giant the initiative and power to take full control of its mobile phone strategy, which hasn't been able to catch up to most other Android mobile OEMs nor Apple.

Hirai told hundreds of audience goers at the event that the shift in direction "sets the stage for us to greatly increase" awareness as well as build a foundation for Sony's mobile phone brand in North America.


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