Chopra picked as CTO

Virginia official is the new federal CTO.
Written by Richard Koman, Contributor

So we now have the first federal CTO -- Aneesh P. Chopra, formerly Virginia Technology Secretary. President Obama announced his appointment last week, as the Washington Post notes.

"Aneesh will promote technological innovation to help achieve our most urgent priorities -- from creating jobs and reducing health-care costs to keeping our nation secure," Obama said in the address.

Also named: Jeffrey Zients as chief performance officer.

Chopra was a high-profile volunteer on the transition team, helping Obama prepare for his first day in office. Zients is the founder and managing partner of Portfolio Logic, an investment firm focused primarily on business and health-care service companies.

"The goal is to give all Americans a voice in their government and ensure that they know exactly how we're spending their money -- and can hold us accountable for the results," Obama said.
The software industry approved of the choice. The Software and Information Industry Association released an enthusiastic statement:
President Obama has appointed an outstanding individual as the Administration’s Chief Technology Officer,”"said Ken Wasch, SIIA’s President. "Mr. Chopra is a great choice to implement the President’s commitment to encourage continued investment and innovation in technology as key components to U.S. economic recovery."

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