Cisco and Citrix join in desktop virtualisation push

The two companies will collaborate on desktop virtualisation tools, embedding Citrix's XenDesktop into Cisco's Desktop Virtualization Solution
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Cisco and Citrix Systems said on Wednesday that they will collaborate on desktop virtualisation tools to ease deployments.

Cisco will embed Citrix's XenDesktop in its desktop virtualisation offering, which is part of the company's unified computing effort. The Cisco Desktop Virtualization Solution will include Citrix's XenDesktop, FlexCast and HDX technology. The Cisco-Citrix combination will be available from channel partners according to a statement from the companies. Citrix will ride along as Cisco's Unified Computing System (UCS) architecture gains steam.

As part of the collaboration, Cisco and Citrix will offer preconfigured service profiles for shared desktops. This move should speed up installation and configuration when the Xen Desktop is added to the Cisco Unified Computing System.

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