Citrix introduces XenDesktop 5 with improved UI

The company has presented the latest major release of its desktop virtualisation software, with a refined user interface and the ability to work across tablets and smartphones
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Citrix has presented XenDesktop 5, the next major release of its desktop virtualisation software, which it hopes will win users over with a refined interface.

The company unveiled XenDesktop 5 at its Synergy conference in Berlin. The desktop virtualisation software, which is gaining traction and boosting Citrix's quarterly earnings, aims to make it easier to manage desktops and multiple devices ranging from tablets to smartphones. The new release also provides one log-in and application self-service so users can download enterprise applications, web tools and use on-demand software.

XenDesktop 5 will also feature a simple user interface (UI), which is a key aim for Citrix. "The UI is the first impression," said Wes Wasson, chief strategy officer at Citrix. "Do you want to give users something they are frightened and concerned about or something that's inviting? IT managers are betting their career on this stuff, so it has to work and be accepted."

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