Clone wars: First Lenovo, now Dell is working on a Surface competitor

You can thank Microsoft for leading the way with its Surface and Surface Pro. The Dell XPS 12 looks similar but is expected to offer a high-resolution 4K display with barely a bezel for Windows 10.


If the Apple iPad Pro didn't validate the Microsoft Surface 2-in-1 hardware, surely new products from Lenovo and Dell will. Earlier this month, Lenovo debuted the Surface-like Miix 700 tablet and now it appears Dell has a similar product in the works.

Images and specifications of the Dell XPS 12 leaked over the weekend, with a German website showing a thin tablet with hinged stand and attachable keyboard.

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One key difference with the XPS 12, which shows an October, 2015 date -- presumably when the device will launch or become available -- is a high-resolution 4K touchscreen with Dell's InfinityEdge touchscreen.

The 3840 × 2160 resolution would trump that of both Microsoft's current Surface Pro 3 and the Miix 700, making it a fantastic media consumption device. Clearly, it's not just for play-time though.

While the specifications don't indicate which chip will power the Dell XPS 12, it will reportedly be available with Dell's Active Stylus. The hybrid tablet will also have a Thunderbolt 3 port and, of course, magnetic keyboard with backlit keys and touchpad. Dell's alleged spec sheet also suggests the XPS 12 will run for 10 hours on a charge.

As someone who often carries both a light laptop and a tablet on the go, the 2-in-1 form factor is appealing. The features of Windows are generally overkill for what I do, so I'm considering an iPad Pro and going all in on using a mobile operating system.

But I'm likely very early in any potential transition or trend: It's still a Windows world for most people. And it looks like that world is about to expand with even more 2-in-1 choices thanks mainly to Microsoft taking the lead with its Surface and Surface Pro products.


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