Cloudera Data Platform hits Google Cloud

Cloudera Data Platform was already living large on AWS, Azure and on-prem. Now it's added Google Cloud to its collection. Will the third time be the charm?

Big data, machine learning and streaming data veteran Cloudera is announcing this morning the availability of its Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) on Google Cloud. The multi-/hybrid cloud enterprise data platform had already been available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, as well as on-premises. With the addition of Google Cloud to its list of supported platforms and, in general, the help of container orchestration platform Kubernetes, Cloudera's platform now runs almost anywhere.

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All of this puts CDP in a favorable position relative to services like AWS Elastic MapReduce (EMR), Azure HDInsight, and Google Cloud Dataproc, which are designed for their parent cloud platforms. Google makes Cloud Dataproc available on private clouds, as well as other public clouds, via Anthos and Microsoft is starting to enable its own data services similarly via its Arc technology. But those analytics services are not as platform-agnostic as CDP and its Shared Data Experience (SDX) management plane that can orchestrate, mix and match CDP resources across all of its supported environments.

Ducks in a row

"Fueled by our open source DNA, Cloudera helps companies make sense of every bit of data across hybrid, multi-cloud and on-premises architectures," said Cloudera President Mick Hollison. "Cloudera helps the majority of the top 100 companies included in the Fortune 500 harness insights while enabling secure, centralized governance and compliance over the entire data lifecycle. We're pleased to be bringing our expertise to Google Cloud."

Add in Cloudera's announcement, yesterday, of SQL Stream Builder, covered by my ZDNet Big on Data chum Tony Baer, and its announcement last month of Applied ML Prototypes (AMPs), and it would seem the company has a lot to crow about. With that in mind, can Cloudera put a nicer sheen on its stock price? With CDP on GCP, perhaps the third cloud's the charm.

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Cloudera is a customer of Brust's advisory firm, Blue Badge Insights.