Comdex Fall, Las Vegas: CD-ROM drive boffins spin out top-speed models

Martin Veitch live from Comdex, Las Vegas
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

DVD drives may have been grabbing most of the Comdex spotlight in Las Vegas this week but the humble CD-ROM drive continues to rattle along at breakneck speeds.

Lucky Goldstar (LG) showed an E-IDE 16-speed (2,400Kb/sec) drive with sub-100ms access times and 128Kb buffer. Mitsumi showed a similarly-specified product with 120ms access.

Notebook users will also feel the benefit of faster CD-ROM performance with LG showing its 8-speed (1,200Kb/sec) drive Slim-Type that still leaves room for a floppy drive in standard A4 designs.

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