Compaq cuts prices by up to 24 per cent

Compaq has released its first sub-£1,000 notebook as part of a new bout of desktop and mobile PC price cuts.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

Deskpro systems and Armada and LTE5000 notebooks are reduced by up to 24 per cent and Compaq will tighten the screw with a further ten per cent off Deskpro 2000 units and monitors until April. The move steps up Compaq's attempt to win over the SME sector and comes on the back of a similar double whammy cuts/promotions at Christmas.

Compaq's entry-level 133MHz Pentium-based Deskpro 2000 with 16MB RAM, 1.6Gb hard drive and 14-inch monitor is cut by 17 per cent from £1,200 to £990 and is further slashed to £899 per cent with the promotional pricing.

The £999 notebook is the 100MHz Pentium-based Armada 1120 with 16Mb RAM, 810MB hard drive and 10.4-inch dual-scan colour screen.

Compaq can be contacted by telephone on 0990-134456.

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