Compaq launches competition for handheld Linux apps

Computer maker looks to stimulate developer interest in Linux on handheld devices with a competition open to all-comers - even Microsoft
Written by Matthew Broersma, Contributor

Compaq Computer has launched a contest designed to stimulate developer interest in the Linux operating system for handheld computers.

Entrants are to design applications for Linux-capable handhelds, with five winners to receive a Compaq iPaq PDA. Other prizes include a laptop or workstation.

Most handhelds currently use the Palm OS or Microsoft's Windows CE, with Compaq the biggest WinCE-based OEM. Some PDAs, such as Yopy, also run Linux. Compaq itself said it has one European OEM that sells Linux preloaded on the iPaq.

Compaq will not comment on whether it plans to sell iPaq itself with Linux preloaded.

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