Compaq Tru64 UNIX to ship with Legato Networker

Singapore, 28 April 2000 - Compaq has announced, that their Tru64 UNIX operating system will be packaged withLegato NetWorker.Legato NetWorker is a product of Legato Systems Inc.
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Singapore, 28 April 2000 - Compaq has announced, that their Tru64 UNIX operating system will be packaged with Legato NetWorker.

Legato NetWorker is a product of Legato Systems Inc., a provider of enterprise storage management software.

Tru64 UNIX was catered towards a market of e-business customers that needed reliable non-stop computing, claims Compaq, and the integration with Legato Networker simplifies storage management and interoperability.

The complete system is a Compaq Cooperative Solution that has been tested on the AlphaServer platform with numerous storage devices.

"Compaq has been working closely with Legato in developing data management software specifically for the Tru64 UNIX operating system," said Paul Solski, director, AlphaServer Business, Business Critical Server Division at Compaq Computer Asia Pacific.

This combination of products also allows for a centralized, automated backup system for multiple Compaq servers for both AlphaServer Tru64 UNIX and ProLiant Windows NT servers.

"As our data volumes grow to 80 terabytes and beyond, we rely on Legato and Compaq to deliver solutions that enable our people to ahieve maximum productivity," said Mashall Peterson, vice president Infrastructure Technology, Celera Genomics.

"The fact that Compaq provides support for both their hardware and Legato's software products makes it easier for us to work with a single point of contact," he added.

About Legato NetWorker
Legato NetWorker helps organizations easily protect cast amounts of critical distributed data by offering heterogeneous platform support, automated media handling, interoperable tape format, data stream parallelism, remote tape management, and automatic integration with the popular storage management frameworks in the network environment.

About Legato Systems Inc.
Legato Systems is a provider of solutions in the enterprise storage management software market. Legato's products and services enable information continuance, a seamless approach to the movement, management and protection of data throughout an enterprise.

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