Compaq unveils new version VMS operating system

Compaq unveils new version operating system to enhance Web-based e-business initiative.
Written by ZDNet Staff, Contributor

SINGAPORE - Compaq Computer Asia Pacific today announced new version OpenVMS operating system software products designed to enable users to meet the requirements of their e-business environment.

OpenVMS V7.3 is the latest version of Compaq’s operating system with additions to the Galaxy software architecture to support the AlphaServer GS Series systems, along with several new e-business-related products and technologies.

The operating system delivers an Internet platform that facilitates application integration; provides access to files and applications; and offers a computing environment managed from a remote site.

Leong Say Haur, General Manager, Enterprise Business, Compaq Computer Asia (Singapore) said, “With the unprecedented expansion of the Internet, and use of the World Wide Web, customers require the highest levels of technology possible to enable them to compete and win in today’s eBusiness environment. Compaq continues to offer that cutting-edge technology as evidenced by our expanding portfolio of OpenVMS products and capabilities unveiled today.”

Approximately 450,000 systems have installed the operating system including industry segements such as financial services; telecommunications; healthcare; gaming and lotteries; manufacturing; and government.

Some features included are:
- Compaq Secure Web Server V1.0 for OpenVMS Alpha, a Web server based on the Apache Web Server which provides 128-bit encryption technology, all the standard Apache extensions and Java and Perl scripting support.
- Compaq Java 2 Software Development Kit (SDK) Standard Edition v1.2.2 for OpenVMS Alpha.
- Compaq Advanced Server V7.3 for OpenVMS Alpha, a Windows 2000-compatible enterprise file and print server for the OpenVMS operating system.
- Attunity Connect “On Platform” Package for OpenVMS, object-oriented middleware which facilitates the development of applications that access, integrate, and update data from multiple sources.
- OpenVMS Enterprise Directory for eBusiness provides directory information services to end-users, applications and software developers.
- Reliable Transaction Router V4.0 provides customers with an object oriented interface, Web-based system management, and transaction.

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