Control the quality of posts in your feed with new app Judg

If you want to become influential amongst your followers then Judg will rate your posts and content to rank you against your social networking peers.

For a long time users have been asking on Facebook for a Dislike button to show their displeasure at posts that are upsetting or offensive. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has resisted calls for this button: now a new app gives user the opportunity to judge for themselves.

Control the quality of posts in your feed with new app Judg ZDNet

Luxembourg based Judg positions itself half way between a game and a social network.

The app was created by founders Amaury De Buyser and Maxime D'Hondt after observing that users on social networks seek popularity amongst their peers.

The team wanted to take the "best of both games and social networks and merge it into something disruptive"

Brands too measure their success by the number of likes and comments their posts attain on a network.

The ultimate goal on social networks is the pursuit of popularity, according to the founders.

Judg aims to "gamify your social life". The app, available for iOS creates a world where sharing becomes "fun and rewarding simultaneously". Sharing enhances the quest for popularity within the app.

Control the quality of posts in your feed with new app Judg ZDNet

The home feed shows the content from friends and people you follow. you can rate the content you see on a score from one to ten.

Users also have a monkey avatar which, as your popularity rises, your avatar levels up too.

You can discover categories in the app that lead to content posted by the most popular users.

These influences are the "celebrities" in Judg and have significant say across the app.

Brands could easily harness these celebrity users as brand advocates and influencers. If a Judg user stops producing quality content, their ranking reduces over time. Its a good way to ensure current influencers stay current - whilst new influencers bubble up to the surface.

The founders say that the content quality is higher than on Instagram due to its voting system. Instagram thrives on hashtags to boost posts and users. Judj relies on real people posting content and asking to be rated.

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Judg brings transparency into social popularity.

Instead of posting images of your Caribbean holiday, your champagne evenings and gourmet meals, Judg blatantly asks you to rate each post.

You might want to take a load of selfies pleading for validation, or your favourite location.

Here, you blatantly ask for votes and step up the social ladder. It is brutally honest in asking for your vote.

But that is what brands try to do every day with their marketing campaigns and engagement strategy. They just are a lot less transparent about it.

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